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Permanent Hair Reduction

Intense Pulse Light or Laser for permanent hair reduction has become one of the most effective ways to treat unwanted hair. It is performed by using a light that is absorbed through the pigment in the hair follicle, therefore damaging the follicle and prohibiting growth without damaging the skin. Treatments are fast and effective and some areas can be completed in 15 minutes or less.  After a series of 6 to 8 treatments, patients can see a 60%-80% long term hair reduction in the area being treated. There is very little discomfort or recovery time. Side effects may include some redness and swelling which will disappear in a short time.

Why is hair reduction with IPL/Laser better than shaving or waxing?

If you’ve ever had any part of your body waxed, you know all about repetitive expense and pain. You know about ingrown hairs, and you’ve had to allow unsightly, unwanted hair to grow between appointments. Treatments can reduce your unwanted hair permanently. Treatments will leave skin smooth to the touch, without irritation, razor bumps or dark spots caused by the hair follicle. Instead of contributing to ingrown hairs, IPL/Laser destroys the very follicles that create this troublesome condition.

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How is IPL/Laser technology used to safely remove unwanted hair?

The IPL/Laser machine emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin and targets the pigment in the hair follicles. The pigmentation that exists in hair attracts the light and causes it to convert to heat, which cauterizes the base of the hair follicle. The hair follicle is damaged and should not produce another hair. The light does not harm pores or the structures of the surrounding skin.

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What should I expect during treatment?

Before your appointment, you must shave the area to be treated. Your clinician will determine the proper settings for your hair and skin type. The light is then delivered through the hand-piece that the clinician moves lightly over your skin. Your skin will be protected and continuously cooled by the cooling mechanism built into the handpiece. Your skin may be slightly reddened after each treatment.  This redness will recede and gradually disappear within a day or two.

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What results should I expect after my treatment?

Immediately after the treatment the skin may be red and slightly swollen. Your hair may or may not fall out after a treatment.  You may not notice any difference in the hair growth until you’ve had 3 treatments.  You may immediately resume normal activities however sweating may cause irritation after a treatment. You must avoid sun exposure 7 – 10 days before and after a treatment and always wear an SPF of 30+ when in the sun.

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Why are multiple treatments necessary and what areas can be treated?

Hair grows in cycles. The light can only permanently destroy hair follicles that are in the active growth cycle (Anagen Phase). Growth cycles are different for each area of the body.  Follow up treatment intervals are as follows: Face and Neck: 2 – 6 weeks; Bikini: 4 – 8 weeks; Underarms: 4 – 8 weeks; Arms: 4 – 12 weeks; Legs: 4 – 12 weeks; Back: 4 – 12 weeks; Chest: 4 – 12 weeks; Buttocks: 4 – 12 weeks; Ears: 4 – 10 weeks.

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How many treatments will I need?

Typically 6 to 8 treatments will be necessary to reach the majority of the hair follicles while they are in the active growth phase. The number of treatments will also vary depending on skin color, hair color, and the coarseness of the hair being treated.

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How permanent is IPL hair removal?

Once the light damages an active hair follicle, that follicle should never produce another hair. However, no practitioner can completely guarantee that after an individual completes his or her series of treatments hair won’t grow back on the treated area. This is because hair follicles can stay in the dormant phase for an extended period of time. Most patients experience 60% - 80% reduction in hair. Hair that grows back is much finer and sparser in quantity. Sometimes hormonal fluctuations, medications and certain medical conditions will make hair removal more resistant. If this happens, touch-up treatments may be required. Touch-up treatments are given at a reduced rate. After a series of 6 – 8 treatments touch-up treatments are recommended every 4 to 8 months.

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What type of machine do we use?

We use the Palomar Starlux™ System and the Soprano XL from Alma Lasers. We only use the most advanced technology on the market. Our machines are safe for all skin types.

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Who performs the treatments?

Certified Laser Technicians will perform the treatments.  They have been conducting treatments on patients for over five years and have been given over 60 hours of training. The Certified Laser Technicians have been fully trained on and have the authority to perform any ablative or non-ablative procedures. They have received appropriate, documented training and education in the safe and effective use of each system. Our technicians also receive additional training throughout the year.

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How long does each treatment take?

Small areas can be treated in as little as 15 minutes; for example: ears, upper lip, chin, sideburns, underarms, regular bikini area, hands, feet, cheeks and the breast area can be treated in this short time frame.  Full legs and full back may take up to one hour.

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What are the different types of bikini areas offered?

We offer three different types of bikini hair removal.  They are Regular Bikini, Extended Bikini and Brazilian Bikini.   Regular Bikini hair removal is three (3) inches of hair removal on either side of the underwear we give you, which are about 4” wide, while laying flat on your back, Extended Bikini hair removal is the same as Regular plus three (3) inches of hair removal on upper-inner thigh area closest to the bikini, plus one inch across top area of normal bikini hair line, Brazilian Bikini is considered leaving a small strip of hair growth (2 inches or less) or everything removed.  We can do hair removal on all areas of the bikini; however they must be shaven prior to treatment. We do not offer full Brazilian hair removal on male patients.

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